Celeste Patten CTC, CPDT-KA

Celeste pictured on the left with Diane, has been passionately involved with animals for her entire life. She began her professional career in dogs by owning a pet boutique (Downtown Hound) in Bellingham, Washington.

When she decided that her interest in animal health and behavior would be better served by direct involvement, Celeste became a Certified Veterinary Assistant. She worked for eight years as an assistant at a local veterinary clinic. This experience gives her a much deeper understanding of the physiological and health issues that may be affecting her clients’ dogs.

Eventually Celeste decided to leave the clinic and focus on training and behavior.  To do so she attended the Academy of Dog Trainers at the San Francisco SPCA often referred to as the “Harvard for Dog Trainers”.  Under the guidance of Jean Donaldson, whose seminal works include “The Culture Clash”, Celeste received a Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC).  She is also a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Celeste continues her education by attending such events as the Annual Conference of Associated Dog Trainers, Clicker Expo and selected other seminars which allows her to keep up with new developments in the field and maintain her CPDT-KA. Recently Celeste became Level 1 Certified in TAG Teach and is currently pursuing level 2. In 2018 Celeste attended a chicken camp with Terry Ryan.  Yes you read that right.  It is through training a wide range of animals that you hone your training skill.

Celeste believes in community and is proud to have served as a board member of the Whatcom Humane Society.  She also co-founded a local professional networking group for pet sitters and dog walkers the Whatcom Pet Care Network.

Celeste has experience training a wide range of dogs (even cats, horses and chickens!).  She is very experienced with on-leash reactivity and other behavior issues. However, preventive training for and dealing with the many issues that come along with canine adolescence are her focus.

Celeste would love to help you shape your crazy canine into a Clever Canine.

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Tammy Quiram KPA CTP

Tammy is pictured here with her Standard Poodle Hudson.  The last few years have taken Tammy on quest for knowledge regarding all things training.  She has attended the renown Karen Pryor Academy in 2017, been a guest at The Ranch where she trained for a week with Ken Ramirez, then she attained Level 1 TAG Teach Certification.  Tammy also attended the in-person version of Living and Learning with Animals with Susan Friedman Ph.D.  At Chicken Camp with Terry Ryan she successfully trained her chicken to go through a tunnel.  Next  up is The Convergence a symposium of human and animal training at the Woodland Park Zoo.  She also continues to attend the annual Clicker Expo and various online seminars.  She has worked with a wide range of species from dogs to chickens to alpacas!  She is now excited to take on the role of Assistant Trainer here at The Clever Canine.  You can expect to see her at consults and look forward to connecting with her via email and phone.  Tammy is excited to continue pursuing her passion while growing her skills over the next few years.  She resides in Lynden with her three dogs Hudson; Domino, a Collie/Vizsla mix ;and Libby, the worlds fluffiest Collie.  Tammy and Hudson are proud of their CGC and Nosework (NW1) titles.  She is now working on Nosework NW2 and getting everyone their Fenzi Team Title 1.