These are the Three Cs of being a Clever Owner.

To be Clear means to be easy to understand and transparent.  A good trainer is easy for their dog to understand by giving clear direction, having an established communication system and a transparent training plan.

We have all seen a well Connected dog and handler team.  Its hard to define but we know it when we see it don’t we? They are usually performing high stakes agility on T.V., working as a therapy dog team visiting a hospital or doing dance routines in matching costumes on the internet. These teams are well connected, something they have worked hard at over years together. This connection however intangible is something that can be worked on in tangible ways.  Through training behaviors and establishing a history of trust.

Caring for your canine teammate is not last or least by any means. In fact it should be first.  To Care for someone means to look after their needs and provide emotional support.  At its core to Care is to have empathy.  At the Clever Canine we value mental, physical and emotional health as an integral part of training. Looking into those areas may bring behavior problems back in check.

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