Dog ParkThe Squalicum Creek Park: The dog park construction is complete

Having watched this construction project for a long time, I was excited to check it out.  So I loaded up the new fluffy puppy and checked it out.  Here is my review.

Upon our arrival I was impressed to see the large parking lot.  This is nice because I have always found parking at Lk. Padden difficult to say the least.  There is also easy trail system access from both the Squalicum beach area and the Birchwood neighborhood trail.  Both the big dog side and the little dog side are  fully mulched and have a collection of large rocks and over turned tree trunks.  This makes for great seating for humans and obstacle course material for dog play.  There is also a covered cement slab for socializing under on rainy days; this amenity is probably more exciting for the humans than for the dogs. Also there is a large airlock entry; which is great.

While at the park I have overheard a few people commenting that this park is better than Lk. Padden and I must agree. Most of the faults with Lk. Padden’s fenced dog area are not a problem with this one. It is not as muddy due to the bark, there are currently no holes in the new fencing, and it has a much better parking and entry area. Those are probably also the reasons it can get very crowded on sunny weekend days. The only drawback is the lack of water supply inside the fence to fill up water bowls. To solve the water problem the city did provide a fountain with a low dog bowl attachment as part of the entryway which is nice. The water must be turned off for the season however, as it did not work when I tried to get some water for Johnny. Nice fellow park-goers bring jugs of water and plastic bowls. However, then there is a pile of empty plastic jugs, oh well most dogs just use them as play toys.  Other amenities include large and so far clean human restrooms.

As always, dogs parks are a mixed bag of good and bad when it comes to actually taking your dog to play with stranger’s dogs.  So far I have had mostly good experiences at this dog park. So, for the dogs for whom the dog park is appropriate, it is a great addition to the ‘ham.  I encourage you to check it out. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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