“I learned a lot about the science of training. Celeste is a patient and knowledgeable teacher”

Morgans Mom

Private Lessons

Private lessons are great for people with a difficult schedule or for dogs with issues that are not covered in the classroom.  When you and your pet are the focus of each session, instruction is in-depth and specific to your situation.
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Private lessons are  $100.00 per hour
Initial Behavioral Consultations can be up to 2 hours and are $175.00
Day training for your dog alone is $55.00 per hour

If you live outside the Bellingham area there may be additional travel fees to be paid at the appointment.

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“The neighbor who has been watching Emmy’s progress now calls her “Emmy the Wonder Dog!” So needless to say we are thrilled with her progress now that we have been properly trained.”  – Linda of Bellingham

Workshops and Seminars:


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Come learn new skills to create healthy connections and intuitive communication skills with your dog. Joanna and Celeste offer an intuitive, feminine, emphatic approach to this work, helping you deepen your collaborative connection with your dog. We believe the skills you learn with your dog while on this mini retreat together will directly support you in feeling more confident, present and authentic in your human relationships too!

Group Classes

Check back for 2019 dates.

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