Local Links:

Whatcom Pet Care Network
This is the place to find licensed and insured pet care providers

Northshore Veterinary Hospital
Brigadoon Service Dogs
Whole Pet Vet
K9 Lap of Luxury
Whatcom Humane Society
Three Schips and a Girl
Shake and Shine

For Nosework:
Nosework Magic
Jaeger Scent training

A short list of Authors I like:
Jean Donaldson
Ian Dunbar
Karen Pryor
Patricia McConnell
Turid Rugaas
Trish King

Websites I think you should know about:

Behavior Works
A Canine Stress Dictionary
Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas
Dog Training Terms
Review of Food Toys by Pitlandia
What Do All Those Letters After Everyone’s Name Mean?
a breakdown of trainer credentials
Canna Companion