Do you go to yoga? Have you ever set out to learn a new skill like karate or play a musical instrument? We see these things as long term processes accepting we will only get better with continued practice. If you want to be good at them you learn to take your small improvements to heart and to forgive yourself for taking longer than you thought to get “good.” Mastering one of these skills can take a lifetime. I have taken yoga classes on and off for years. There have been periods of time when I went regularly for months. I made great progress and felt wonderful. There have been dry spells of non attendance that I paid for in loss of flexibility and a weakened practice upon returning to my practice. I can’t help but see parallels in dog training.

My new classes are set up as a place you can come with your dog to practice your dog training skills. Just like karate or yoga you will get better the more often and the longer you attend. Each week you will practice your skills at your level you and your dog will meet you there. Each dog – handler team will be stronger at some skills than others, just like some people are a natural at certain yoga poses and work for years to reach the same fluidity in another. There will be no falling behind in my class, you are where you are. Everyone has good weeks and bad weeks. And if you need to stop and take a break I want to honor that too. Come back when you are ready and practice where you are then. We will not be “ahead” of you. We will all be practicing together with you where you are.

This is what “Rolling” or “Open” Enrollment means. Class will run every Saturday at Northwest Kennels at 1:30 indefinitely. You will purchase a “canine class card” for as many $20.00 classes as you like. For each class you attend I will cross off a stamp (like a reverse coffee card). When you use all of your classes you can take a break or you can fill up a new card and keep right on practicing your skills.

Every week we will work on a rotating set of common pet dog behaviors. Think: Sit, Down, Stay, Look at Me and Leave It. As you move through your training goals I will be there to encourage you to challenge yourself and your canine companion to new heights. It would also be completely feasible that on your sixth week in class you might be next to a first week student. You might even offer them some of your now sage advice or serve as their inspiration.

Lets practice being dog trainers together.      Resister Here

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